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A former student-athlete, Laith Wallschleger graduated from the University of Delaware with a MBA in Finance and Theatre Minor. After setting multiple University and NCAA records on the collegiate football field, he went on to play for the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL. Following retirement from professional sports, he transitioned to a career in entertainment; graduating from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts to begin work as an actor, voice actor, and stuntman. Primarily a TV/Film actor, his work can be seen on Food Network's "Worst Cooks in America" and Oxygen Network's "Snapped." Aside from acting, Laith's stunt work spans TV's "Ballers," "Euphoria," and "All-American," as well as the feature films; "Brian Banks" and "Paterno." In addition to his on-camera work, Laith has commercial voiceover credit for Sam's Club, Dr. Pepper, Intel, Burger King, and countless other Fortune 500 companies. His ability to execute over 100 accents, voices, and celebrity impressions allows him to crossover seamlessly between commercial, video game, animation, and film voiceover. A native of Alexandria, VA, Laith now lives in Los Angeles. From acting in national Superbowl commercials, hosting, and modeling print/runway, to developing brand/marketing content for multi-million dollar companies, Laith looks forward to the next challenge in his entertainment career.

Why did I choose to be part of this project?


I chose to be apart of this project because I love the script; I think its a hilarious concept and it should be a lot of fun to shoot.

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