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Annie Pisapia, NativeNYer, started her acting career as an extra/background actor, She worked on many shows including Orange is the New Black, Law & Order, Blue Bloods and Billions to name just a few. A true survivor of the NYC streets the roles she plays are similar to ones she's seen or lived out herself. 


She got some of her first speaking roles in different web series such as Crime Heights, and Their Twisted Love where she played everything from a cop to a pimp to a mob wife. 


Always looking to take her career to the next level, Annie started auditioning and landed roles in The Expediter, Mott Haven, Revolution and Nightfall. 


On days when Annie isn't on set you can find her on the back of her husband Lenny’s Harley or with her dog Jocco in their backyard. Annie lives by an old saying, "where there is a will there is a way". She also is pretty good with fixing up old furniture making it usable and pretty.


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