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Chris Hahn


Chris has been in the tv/film industry for well over 20+ years. His first main stint was in the mid 1990's as a professional for the World Wrestling Federation (WWE) as "Johnny Paradise." After a successful career in the wrestling industry, Chris turned his attention to tv and film. Chris self-submitted in the Midwest region for many projects, booking at least sixty percent of those submissions due to his overall look and body-building brand. 


Chris has well over 20+ credits in film alone as well as big bookings on tv/ Netflix/streaming. Chris has booked consistently and is a professional stunt man and SAG actor. Chris has utilized his tough demeanor brand to book many strenuous and difficult action roles that require discipline, tact, professionalism, training, and the ability to follow directions. Chris is personable, outgoing, prompt and always shows professional courtesy to all staff in the industry-cast and crew. Chris has booked mostly in the Midwest, East Coast and West Coast. He is currently represented in Ohio and New Mexico and managed in California.

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