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This film’s human trafficking segment is based upon true events. Tamar’s roommate Greg and coffee shop boss Tyler are drugged and kidnapped at a party in the bar/coffee shop where Tamar works. Greg and Tyler awake to discover that they have been trafficked by Connie, the local omnipresent mower of Circleville, Ohio.


The human trafficking segment of the story is loosely based off the immense human trafficking problem in south-central Ohio and specifically off events in 2009 in which an Army soldier kidnapped and trafficked women from Chillicothe, Ohio by hosting parties offering free drugs and alcohol. All of his transactions were completed at a bar in Circleville called The Matchbox. Now, The Matchbox is owned by the producers’ distant relatives Frank and Holly D’Aiello, who have gutted and reopened the bar as The Thirsty Parrot.



Most of the events from the human trafficking ring of 2009 have been radically changed from the true account. Connie, a senior woman on a commercial lawn mower, leads the trafficking ring that barters men only. The elements borrowed from the true story are that Connie entices men with drugs and alcohol and kidnaps them for financial gain. The character Connie is based off of the producers' paternal grandmother who has been mowing across Circleville for over forty years and who has given her permission to not only use her name and likeness but also her lawnmower.

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